White Dynomite

2013 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

Born of boredom and bourbon, White Dynomite are considered gentlemen of experience and true rock-city pedigree. This quartet of punk ‘n’ roll refugees consists of former members of such fine acts as Roadsaw, Wrecking Crew, and Random Road Mother to name a few.

With a shared love for all things hard, fast, hot and loud, White Dynomite pack more action than a car full of circus clowns, loaded and ready to explode. Pick up their self-titled debut on Mad Oak Records for further evidence of their awesomeness. (While an official count has not been done, it would appear that both Tim and Craig are reaching Hall of Fame status for the number of Rumble appearances with their respective Boston rock bands.)

White Dynomite are Dave Unger on vocals, John Darga on guitar, Tim Catz on bass, Craig Riggs on drums.

White Dynomite ::: Facebook ::: Bandcamp ::: Twitter


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