2013 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

Velah creates atmospheric sonic landscapes that coalesce around ardent melodies and introspective themes. Formed in the last days of 2011, the band immediately earned critical praise for both their live shows and first EP, Black Olympia, (released in May 2012).

The Boston Phoenix said “…they delivered indie-to-break-furniture-to…culminating in a astral-scraping chord-smashing freak out of gargantuan intensity.” Black Olympia was followed up by the Skeleton House / Rose Wave 7-inch single in August 2012, which Paste Magazine premiered online, saying: “The Bostonian rock quartet works in shades, in that their dramatic delivery comes from an acute understanding of the power of pianissimo and forte…Velah’s songs are four-minute sojourns that carry the weight of a symphony blasting through a single guitar amp.”

Velah are Jen Johnson on vocals and guitar, Daniel McNair on guitar and keyboards, Nick Murphy on vocals and guitar, Mike Latulippe on drums.

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