2013 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

In a tucked away forgotten tank factory in Southern New Hampshire – amidst a fury of flying electrical sparks, and ungoverned volume knobs – Supermachine started to coalesce and take shape.

Constructed from pieces brought back from the scrap heap, along with the acquisition of a newly added component to front the whole of the creation… the band has finally emerged and is now ready to take on the… future. Lead with sludge-heavy hook laden riffs, monstrous stoic bass lines – that will not only loosen your fillings but might even cause a cavity or two – drums that will fill every pocket of that 70s 3-piece leisure suit, and vocals that soar with melody and grit… Supermachine is in fact, a super machine. (Some names may sound similar to those belonging to members of the legendary New England band, Scissorfight)

Supermachine are David Nebbia on vocals, Jay Fortin on guitars, Paul Jarvis on bass, Mike “Mick” McNeil on drums.

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