2013 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

Lifestyle formed, officially, in 1997. The following year they released their first record, a surreal synthpop/lounge record called, At The Risk of Sounding Pretentious. The band quickly hopped genres into the more familiar style they still play to this day, synthesizer driven dance-rock.

The core of the band hails from mid-coast Maine, as it always has, often including band members who have been working together since the 1980s. They are influenced by artists as diverse as Duran Duran, Air, Royksopp, New Order, David Bowie and Pet Shop Boys. The band has historically taken a few years off at a time every few years to focus on other projects such as Freezepop, Ad Frank and The Fast Easy Women, and Polystar.

Lifestyle is Sean Drinkwater on vocals, Ad Frank on guitar and backing vocals, Danny Gold on DJ and live keyboards, Eric Donohue on electric bass and keyboards, Patrick Ahearn on acoustic drums.

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