Herra Terra

2013 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

Herra Terra are best known for their moody, high-energy live sets. On stage, they perform with towers of electronics and peculiar guitars and a solid rhythm section drive their sets. They have been compared to Muse, M83, Depeche Mode, The Faint, a “modern” Duran Duran, and even NIИ.

Fresh and attractive, yet maintaining a nostalgic sensibility, Herra Terra boasts a unique blend of Synth-Rock that is sure to raise a few eyebrows. In 2010, Herra Terra released their debut, Quiet Geist, on Indie Label, The Mylene Sheath. The 2013 self-released EP, Hyperborean, is now available.

Herra Terra are John Tonelli on lead vocals and keyboards, Gregg Kusumah-Atmatdja on guitar and keyboards, Adrian Bettencourt Andrade on bass and keyboards, Shawn Pelkey on drums and electronic percussion.

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