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Carter’s Catalog: U2’s Classic Album “War” Turns 30

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listenlive listicle Carters Catalog: U2s Classic Album War Turns 30

After two albums of developing their sound and evolving into the band they eventually became in the 1980s, U2 released War on this day 30 years ago and officially put themselves on the map. Carter Alan, the DJ credited as the first to break U2 through on American radio and a friend & supporter of the band since their inception, discusses the album and its themes and impact in the latest edition of Carter’s Catalog.

With war as an obvious central theme on the album, U2’s third LP has been credited with the birth of the band as a “political” act. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” focuses on the infamous shooting at the center of ‘The Troubles’ in their native Ireland, while “New Year’s Day” examines the Solidarity Movement in Poland.

While these political issues and events may not have resonated with many non-Irish or Polish fans, the band certainly cared deeply about them and it shone through in the music. The album has gone on to reach “classic” status with the two aforementioned singles being staples of U2’s live shows.

— Video by Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

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