Sadistic Plow Driver Dogg Doesn’t Care If He Plows Your Car In

Karlson & McKenzie / WZLX

A YouTube video posted by a plow truck driver back during the Blizzard of 2013 is the talk of Boston Friday morning. The self-shot video shows “Dogg” sadistically pushing banks and piles of snow back over cars park along streets in Lowell, Massachusetts.

“You wanna find your car? You come see me! I’ll let you know where it is… Maybe!” Dogg taunts from the driver’s seat of his plow truck. “Watch this one! Now you see it… Oh the snow going up over the car… Now you see it, now you don’t [expletive deleted]! It ain’t my fault!”

Update: WBZ-TV and now report that Dogg has been fired from his job.

Dogg is an avid WZLX listener, and called into the Karlson and McKenzie morning show on Friday morning to explain the video.

“At the end of the storm, I was already up for 22 hours plowing, and I decided to make a video about my favorite part of the day which is when you push the snow banks back to the curb,” Dogg tells Kevin and Pete. “Which is also the part of the day that the people shoveling out their driveways absolutely want to kill me.”

Dogg explained to the WZLX morning crew, that he has to do, what he has to do.

“I have to push the snow back from curb to curb, so that a two fire trucks or a fire truck and an ambulance can pass each other on the road. That is basically my job,” Dogg explained.

Kevin and Pete asked about his attitude on the video. Does he care what people think of him after viewing the video?

“If I can get some kind of enjoyment out of it, why not?” Dogg rationalizes. “I really don’t care if I make more enemies.”

Dogg isn’t worried about his employer or the city of Lowell, either. “My boss loves me! I’ve been a truck driver for 30 years,” he says. “I’m doing my job. I’m not doing anything malicious.”

Listen to the Full Interview

Watch the Video Here

Note: Video is NSFW (not safe for work) due to vulgar language. View at your own risk.

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