Bill Aims to Make Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner” the State Rock Song of Mass.

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

The Modern Lovers’ classic “Roadrunner” may proclaim in its lyrics that it’s “in love with Massachusetts,” but does the state love it back? At least, enough to make it the official state song? That’s what former Lemonheads  manager Joyce Linehan and state Rep. Marty Walsh hope to accomplish with their new bill.

Linehan thought of the idea for the bill during her work with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. She told the Boston Phoenix that it would be “the first order of business after we got Sen. Warren elected.”

There is already a Facebook page dedicated to the bill, which would make “Roadrunner” the official rock song of Mass. As of Wednesday morning the page had 1,350 likes and counting. The Bay State already has official folk (Arlo Guthrie’s “Massachusetts”) and polka (“Say Hello to Someone From Massachusetts”), so why not inject some rock & roll into the catalog?

Linehan and Walsh actually do have a pretty strong case to make “Roadrunner” the official state song. Writer Jonathan Richman is a native of Natick and wrote the song (and several others) all about growing up in the Commonwealth. It references many Boston-area landmarks and institutions, including Rt. 128, the Mass. Pike, and Stop & Shop. Oh, and it’s #274 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time, so it’s not only well-known in Mass.

You can make your voice heard on the matter by contacting your local representative – or just vote in Karlson & McKenzie’s super-important poll that the State House has its eyes on.


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