“Roadrunner” For State Song in MASSACHUSETTS! [AUDIO & POLL]

Well if you haven’t heard it yet, some are pushing to get the classic rock song “Roadrunner”  by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers to be instituted as the official Massachusetts State Song. Mayor Menino doesn’t agree.

Last week, Massachusetts State Representative Marty Walsh filed a bill proposing the movement, but Massachusetts already has an official state song (“All Hail To Massachusetts” composed by Arthur Marsh), along with an official folk song in Arlo Guthrie’s “Massachusetts” and an official polka song as well with “Say Hello to Someone From Massachusetts”…  so a reporter asked Mayor Menino what he thought about the proposal and K&M HAD to make fun of his childish response.

To show your support for the change, go here! Do YOU think “Roadrunner” should become the official state song?

Got a better suggestion? Leave it in the comments!

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