Carter’s Catalog: David Bowie Concludes the ‘Thin White Duke’ Era on “Station to Station”

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listenlive listicle Carters Catalog: David Bowie Concludes the Thin White Duke Era on Station to Station

David Bowie has held a deep influence on rock and roll, even as he has continued to reinvent himself. He closed the “Thin White Duke” era of his career with 1976’s Station to Station, which Carter Alan examines in the video above for Carter’s Catalog.

Bowie had experimented with soul in the records leading up to Station to Station, a style he described as “plastic soul” – which Carter notes is likely a play on the Beatles album Rubber Soul. b--station He went back to a more rock-oriented sound on Station, which represented a natural progression to his “Berlin Trilogy” with Brian Eno.

During a time when rock stars were typically classified as one type of individual – and rarely escaped that perception – Bowie was a chameleon. He always changed his colors, yet always stayed managed to fit himself into the scene. He ultimately had a major influence on the themes of the punk rock movement of the late 1970s, which emphasized a “do-it-yourself” principle of creating and producing your own music.

Bowie was “always an innovator,” as Carter says in the video above. Station to Station is no exception.

– Matt Dolloff,

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