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“Te’o-ing” Is Now All Over The Internet [PHOTO GALLERY]

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listenlive listicle Teo ing Is Now All Over The Internet [PHOTO GALLERY]

This football season was rough on Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o. September saw the deaths of his beloved grandmother, as well as his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, who, after suffering a serious car accident was diagnosed with leukemia. Te’o has been struck with tragedy indeed, or he would be if it were true.

While the death of his grandmother, Annette Santiago, did actually take place, Deadspin found that there is no such person as Lennay Kekua. Awkward.

Combined with Te’o’s recent success, the story of his loss only added to his charm, but the discovery of the girlfriend hoax (which Mani claims he had nothing to do with) has made him a joke and the inspiration for his very own meme and Tumblr. Forget Tebowing — check out some examples of Te’oing below. (Yes, it involves posing with your imaginary girlfriend, something which guys on the internet probably have no problem doing.)

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