14 Things We Learned From the MBTA Last Week

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

In a weekly series on WZLX.com, we examine the many crazy things we see on the MBTA all the time – and the life lessons we take from it.

For the first time in a very long while, changes may be on the horizon for the MBTA.

Governor Deval Patrick today released a full report on not just the T, but all transportation in Massachusetts, public or otherwise. Pretty much everyone agrees it needs to be improved, but unfortunately it may take tax and fare hikes to get it done.

If it means we won’t need to deal with many of the daily annoyances the MBTA throws at us, we’re probably willing to take a bit of an added hit to the wallet. But for now, we keep learning crazy things about the T, like…

Commuter rail seats aren’t typically good napping size.

Homeless people can always be relied upon for creepy stares.

Sometimes, the T’s PA system is just checking if you’re paying attention.

The voice of the PA on the T usually doesn’t change its mood based on the day.

The Orange Line makes it hard to distinguish liquids from each other.

The Wicked Witch of the West rides the T when she’s not riding her broom.

A rare cheerful MBTA driver can sometimes make up for a lousy commute.

When trying to catch a T ride, it’s best to assume you have no time at all to waste.

If you’re eating gourmet cuisine while on the T, it immediately becomes garbage.

The Green Line’s only experience fixing things comes from lost internet connections.

Attacks from homeless people just come with the territory.

The first rule of creating a T station is a misleading name. That’s how they get ya.

Cats usually claim around one victim per day on the MBTA.

On extremely rare occasions, everyone on the T actually does their job.

More Things We Learned From the MBTA


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