Friend Asks For “Queen Warrior” Drawing, Gets Freddie Mercury With a Sword [PHOTO]

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If you ever hear the name of anything with the word “queen” in it, do you automatically think of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” legends? That’s what one artist thought of when his friend asked him to draw a “Queen Warrior” for him.

freddie2 Friend Asks For Queen Warrior Drawing, Gets Freddie Mercury With a Sword [PHOTO]

The artist who created the drawing is Murat G. Akkoc, who has a page full of original artwork at The drawing is clearly inspired by this famous Freddie Mercury pose:

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

And the outfit Freddie wears in this photo:



Akkoc’s friend posted the drawing to Reddit, where it flew straight to the front page within 2 hours.

Some of the more clever comments posted on the drawing were “He’s a killer queen” and “he IS the champion, my friend.” Hard to resist quoting Queen in this instance!

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