Introducing “Carter’s Catalog” With Carter Alan: Celebrating Classic Albums

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

We here at 100.7 WZLX love the album format, and for good reason. So many timeless classics have come as part of a complete work, which classic rock bands embraced for decades. Many of those albums still deserve to be talked about today, and that is where we bring in our resident classic rock expert, Carter Alan.

As a classic album celebrates the anniversary of its release, we’ll post a video where Carter discusses the album’s impact both at the time of its release and its long-term legacy in rock and roll. Stay tuned tomorrow for the first video, where he will discuss Van Halen’s 1984.

We celebrate classic albums both on the air and online here at 100.7 WZLX, and we hope “Carter’s Catalog” will help you join in on the love!

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