16 Things We Learned From the MBTA Last Week

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

In a weekly series on WZLX.com, we examine the many crazy things we see on the MBTA all the time – and the life lessons we take from it.

The New Year was a bit of a crazy time for the MBTA, as several bizarre incidents got reported to kick off 2013. Police reported an apparent kleptomaniac who stole an MBTA worker’s bag and threw it into the Fort Point Channel. There was also a reported pellet gun shooting in Roslindale, and an investigation of a possible gun sale at a T station is underway.

There is, however, the recent story of the MBTA officer who thwarted a criminal trying to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts…with a spoon. Here’s some more stuff we learned from the MBTA last week.

The only thing more rude than having a phone conversation on the T, is photographing someone doing it and posting it on Twitter…

The MBTA typically has a strict “one cute outfit per car” rule.

The fare charge on MBTA rides does not include getting attitude from the driver. That is included free.

Crack is legal in Chinatown. Somehow it’s out of the police’s jurisdiction.

The best use of having cell phone reception on a T ride? Letting others know you have reception.

Creepy homeless people aren’t enough. The MBTA will stop at nothing to terrorize child passengers.

The MBTA has the same New Year’s Resolution every year…And breaks it by January 2.

The T sometimes plants outrageously drunk people just to control crowds.

Ghost trains are real. Apps typically pick up their signal.

The Red Line is a popular Twitter community for haters.

Some puddles at T stations are best left untouched.

Backpackers need to travel too.

Keep the MBTA temperature above 30, or it will explode…Or just stop working.

There’s only one time an elbow to the face is legal.

The Blue Line is home to all the drunkards on the T. If they end up somewhere else they just wandered off.

The inside of the Broadway station has a distinct house of horrors vibe when empty.

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