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Breakfast With The Beatles Playlist: 12/30/2012

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(Photo credit should read PETER SKINGLEY/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read PETER SKINGLEY/AFP/Getty Images)

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listenlive listicle Breakfast With The Beatles Playlist: 12/30/2012

Listen to Breakfast With The Beatles with Cha-chi every Sunday morning from 8AM to 9AM. Here’s the playlist from 12/30/2012:

Ding Dong – George Harrison/Dark Horse

Three Cool Cats – Decca Records Audition 1962

Like Dreamers Do – Decca Records Audition 1962

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl – Help, stereo American CD

I Call Your Name – Beatles Second Album

Oh My Love – John Lennon/Imagine

Tomorrow Never knows – Revolver Stereo Remastered Vinyl

Seg 2

Fixing A Hole – Sgt. Pepper Stereo Remastered Vinyl

Glass Onion – White Album mono

Figure Of Eight – Paul McCartney/Flowers In The Dirt

What Your Doing – Beatles VI

Seg 3

I’ve Got Feeling – Let It Be Stereo Remastered Vinyl

Your Mother Should Know – Magical Mystery Tour Mono

Let It Down – George Harrison/All Things Must Pass

Girl – Rubber Soul stereo version

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