Best Of 2012: That Guy With Big Head Braden

Karlson & McKenzie

Braden not only has a big head, but a short temper as well. And when he gets mad he takes his frustrations to the airways in a segment we here at WZLX like to call That Guy.

Every Monday, Braden will air out his grievances from the previous week targeting a specific part of the population. Basically, it’s anything that gets on his nerves (which doesn’t take much).

Are you that guy? That guy who throws awful playoff parties? Or that guy who’s proud to live in Worcester? Don’t be that guy…

10. That Guy Who’s Forgotten How To Watch Football

Air Date: Monday, September 10

Summary: Big Head rants about an unwelcome guest on Football Sunday. You know, that guy who has apparently forgotten how to watch football since last season. He’s that-fantasy-football-addict-guy who brings his laptop, tries to change the channel every other play, and is constantly screaming over players that don’t matter to anyone else. If you’re reading/listening to this thinking there’s nothing wrong, then yes — you are THAT guy!

9. That Guy Who Runs The Marathon While Doing Something Else Completely Ridiculous

Air Date: Monday, April 16

Summary: Most people can’t run a marathon, so don’t you just hate the people who run it while doing something else completely ridiculous? Don’t wear a hot dog suit, stop tweeting and throw away your viking helmet or else Big Head Braden will do something with the rainbow colored sparkly nipple tape.

8. That Guy Who Thinks Boston Makes You Awesome

Air Date: Monday, October 1

Summary: Braden went to a surprise party in Holyoke where he ran into “that guy who thinks he’s awesome simply because he’s from Boston.” You know those guys who introduce themselves as being from Boston and nothing else matters about them? Boston is not an identity, it’s a location. Get it straight people!

7. That Guy Who Doesn’t Root For The Americans In The Olympics

Air Date: Monday, July 30

Summary: The Olympics are all about patriotism and pride. Of course, there’s always THAT GUY who doesn’t root for Team USA.

6. That Guy Still B*tching About The Election On Facebook

Air Date: Monday, November 12

Summary: Big Head innocently logged on Facebook to post about Veteran’s Day and the Pats playing when he saw that guy…Yeah, that guy who’s STILL b*tching about the election…even though it’s over…and there’s nothing you can do about it. People need to realize their un-punctuated and misspelled posts won’t change anything.

5. That Guy Who’s Proud To Live In Worcester

Air Date: Monday, March 12

Summary: Braden sets his sights on the ring bearer at his wedding, who is SO proud to live in Worcester. Whats so bad about Worcester? Well listen in as Braden fires away and lets you know…

4. That Guy Who’s Impossible To Be With On An RV For 5 Days

Air Date: Monday, February 6

Summary: With the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl fresh on his mind, and the thought of being in the RV longer than he wants to, Big Head Braden has to unload on another target: That guy who’s IMPOSSIBLE to get along with on an RV for 5 days!

3. That Guy Who Throws A Bad Playoff Party

Air Date: Monday, January 23

Summary: Braden vents to the gang about his friend’s failed attempt at throwing a Patriots playoff party. The lack of beer, seating and “real” food really set him off (hummus and carrot sticks were served… really?). Also, an obnoxious Ravens fan even took offense to a Joe Pa joke. We all agree that this guy’s man card should be revoked!

2. That Guy Who’s Too Old For THAT Haircut

Air Date: Monday, July 16

Summary: We all know that guy…that guy who has a teenybopper haircut and is old enough to have teenyboppers of his own.

1. That Guy Who Keeps Asking Braden If He’s Nervous About The Wedding

Air Date: Monday, April 30

Summary: Braden got married this year, and one guy kept asking if he’s nervous about the big day. What’s there to be nervous about? The ceremony? The reception? Or his life being over? Don’t be that guy…

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