15 Things We Learned From The MBTA Last Week

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

In a weekly series on WZLX.com, we examine the many crazy things we see on the MBTA all the time – and the life lessons we take from it.

Another rough week for the MBTA the last seven days, as it dealt with the fallout from the Green Line crash at Boylston station. The driver behind the incident was fired as a result, and the MBTA also rejected a safety proposal for the Green Line.

But that wasn’t the only issue on the Green Line this week, as police had to arrest a woman who threatened passengers with a knife. Oh, and a guy got stabbed on the bus in Roslindale, but he should be OK.

Well, besides that – and the addition of patrols to combat Red Line robberies – the MBTA is going along just swimmingly…Sort of. Here’s plenty of other stuff we “learned” about the T last week.

Despite constant complaints from riders about delays, many of the passengers actually cause it themselves.

If you need to get out through the front door of a crowded train, don’t get near the middle.

When it comes to getting a seat on a busy MBTA ride, it’s either play or get played.

Watching a fight in a language you don’t understand while trying to figure out the context is better than watching any fight in your native language.

Carrying a Christmas tree onto an MBTA train beats strapping it to the roof of your car.

Some people have earned the right to have a cold one.

Pigeon catching is an underrated MBTA activity while waiting for a train.

You know you’re on the MBTA when people get looks for not snatching a seat.

The MBTA’s “Stroller Cat” has many talents…

MBTA drivers don’t usually get bathroom breaks…

We finally know which MBTA employee is soaking up all the tax money from us.

MBTA farts still have a small percentage of air in them, so it’s possible to survive them.

Getting on the escalator at Porter Square station in Cambridge might be the #1 fear of all MBTA passengers, above getting attacked or crashing.

To MBTA drivers, there is nothing more satisfying about their job than a perfectly timed door slam.

We now know why those MBTA trains always crash or need repairs…They’re being made by Philly fans!

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