Man Apparently Living In Canoe in Boston Harbor [PHOTOS]

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

Someone should tell this guy the Occupy Boston movement ended months ago. Photos taken from a nearby office building shows a man in Boston Harbor sitting in a canoe with a tent set up next to it, apparently his current home.

Reddit user ngamau uploaded the photos and later said he didn’t know if the man was homeless but did appear “older, and bearded.” He also mentioned a “heated exchange” with the Coast Guard, who apparently ordered him to take the tent down and leave.

The play-by-play continued saying the Boston Police Department and the Environmental Police showed up to help the Coast Guard detain the man, but not before he attempted a canoe getaway. He then posted another picture Tuesday morning of what looks like the same squatter, right back in the same spot.

The guy isn’t breaking any serious laws by living in a tent in the middle of Boston Harbor, but the small dock he’s using could be the property of a private company and the city may require to obtain a boat mooring permit to be able to row his canoe out there. Clearly, that’s not a concern of his right now.

Source: Reddit


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