Paul Stanley Penning Autobiography

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Paul Stanley has been critical of his bandmates, past and present, for writing autobiographies. But now things are different for the KISS guitarist, who’s currently in the middle of writing his memoirs.

When you’re a part of one of the biggest rock and roll bands in history, it’s only natural to wanna tell that story to your fans. That’s what Gene Simmons did. That’s what Peter Criss did. And that’s what Ace Frehley did.

But Paul Stanley saw things differently.

In 2007, Stanley said of the idea, “Tooting my own horn is of no interest to me … it takes you away from real life. It’s a waste and I don’t find a need to sing my own praises.”

However, 5 years time has passed since then and Stanley has changed his mind. Stanley was a guest on Nikki Sixx’s radio program and he revealed to the Motley Crue bassist that he’s currently working on his autobiography.

“At this point, with the three other guys from the original lineup having written books, it’s kind of like, ‘OK, have you all said your piece? OK? Now let me tell you what happened.'”

Listen to the full interview below!

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