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Anngelle Wood’s Lounge Act debut Thursday, November 29!

Lounge Act - Anngelle Wood's 'throwback-in-time' music series
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listenlive listicle Anngelle Woods Lounge Act debut Thursday, November 29!

Thursday, November 29, Anngelle Wood presents the debut of LOUNGE ACT, a throwback-in-time series years in the making.

Lounge Act is a celebration of lounge, swing, jazz, soul, funk, R&B and more, by artists who appreciate retro style. Radio will look and feel different for sure.

Thursday, November 29, 2012
SPF 5000
Goddamn Glenn and the Parlour Bells Players
Ruby Rose Fox
and swinging DJ sets by Anngelle Wood
at Radio, Union Square, Somerville

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/479125658784732

loungeactnovflyer Anngelle Woods Lounge Act debut Thursday, November 29!

 http://loungeactboston.tumblr.com |
www.facebook.com/loungeactboston |
www.twitter.com/loungeactboston |

SPF 5000

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SPF 5000 brings a futurist’s approach to funk, house, disco, and hip-hop.  This is proven on their March 2012 release, “Doorknocker” (Nervous Records). They are Boston’s 25th century electro-swing unit featuring vocalist extraordinaire/songwriter/arranger Amy Douglas, producer/ bassist and overall sonic magic man, Rob Phillips, and vocalist, show-starter and rebel-rouser, Daymeyn Gantt. The band’s dance-inspired style will take on new shapes and sounds when SPF 5000 helps blast Somerville into a bastion of swing.

SPF 5000 links:
https://www.facebook.com/SPF5000 |
https://twitter.com/SPF5K |
http://soundcloud.com/spf-5000 |

Video, SPF 5000 doing “Nicky Digital Theme Song” Live at CMJ –

parlour bells Anngelle Woods Lounge Act debut Thursday, November 29!

Goddamn Glenn and the Parlour Bells Players

Parlour Bells are best known as Boston’s dark and dusky romantic noir pop outfit. Founded by Nate Leavitt and Glenn di Benedetto in 2010, the journey from a two-man band into a full-fledged outfit came to fruition in 2011 with the addition of Brendan Boogie on bass and Magen Tracy on vocals and keyboards. Look forward to them stepping up and out of their pop splendor in honor of the inaugural Lounge Act. The band is set to release their second EP, “Thank God for the Night” in December.

Parlour Bells links:
https://www.facebook.com/parlourbells |
https://twitter.com/ParlourBells |
http://parlourbells.com |

Video: Parlour Bells live at Red Star Union, “Bachelor Hours”

ruby rose fox lounge act Anngelle Woods Lounge Act debut Thursday, November 29!

Ruby Rose Fox

Ruby Rose Fox, Boston’s resident singing-songwriting powerhouse whose genre bending neo-soul-lounge-pop majesty blends contemporary styles with those of earlier times. Echoes of Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, and Roy Orbison are heard in Ruby’s nostalgic flair. While she is just launching her solo career, Ruby began singing for the area Ska band, Mass Hysteria at the age of 15. Ruby’s self-titled solo debut was released in July 2012.

Ruby Rose Fox links:
https://www.facebook.com/RubyFoxMusic |
https://twitter.com/RubyRoseFox |
http://rubyrosefox.com |

Video: Ruby Rose Fox, “The Dread” 

Contact: Anngelle Wood | Voice: 617-903-8411| loungeactboston at gmail

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