5 Black Friday Tips

Erin Fox -- CBS Local

If Black Friday is looming in your not-so-distant future, be sure you’re prepared! Here’s our Black Friday Survival Guide – guaranteed to help you stay sane on the craziest shopping day of the year. Button your wallets. Here we go.

1. Expect Long Lines

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And we mean long. There’s not much you can do to avoid the wait, so bring something with you that you can do in line – be it Mad Libs, Sudoku puzzles, etc.

2. Don’t Go Alone

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There are a lot of reasons why being alone on Black Friday is a bad idea. Carpool and go with friends – turn it into a fun event instead of a headache. Group shopping is also helpful for fanning out across the store and working together to get those hot ticket items.

3. Get Enough Sleep

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Don’t try to make it an all-nighter by staying out late the night of Thanksgiving and then hitting the stores. Go into that post-turkey coma early and be well rested by the time stores open their doors.

4. Eat At Home

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Don’t plan to stop at Starbucks or McDonald’s near the store before you stop in – everyone else thought of that idea too. You don’t want to wait in long lines at the store and while waiting for your coffee. Make a pot at home before you leave, and eat something filling, too. You don’t want to be starving and stuck in a store!

5. Dress Warm

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You might be standing outside in line for the doors to open – the last thing you want to be is cold! Dress warm, you can always pull off a layer once you get inside the store.

Even strictly following these 5 tips may not be enough for a successful Black Friday – got any additional tips for the craziest shopping day of the year? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Erin Fox — CBS Local

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