Steven Tyler Talks Pre-Election Day Concert With Carter Alan

WZLX Digital Team

Before Monday afternoon’s pre-Election Day concert in front of Aerosmith’s old apartment on Commonwealth Ave., singer Steven Tyler sat down with Carter Alan of ZLX for an exclusive 1-on-1 interview.

The Aerosmith frontman talked about swearing on the Today Show, giving back to the town they came from, his decision to become a judge on American Idol and much more.

With their newest album Music From Another Dimension due out in stores Tuesday, Tyler and the Gang have been making the media rounds as part of their promotional tour. This included a controversial appearance on the Today Show where the Demon of Screamin’ dropped the f-bomb on live TV.

“Matt [Lauer] comes over and goes ‘Yesterday the group that was here there was 6 people [in the audience] because of the storm and stuff and now there’s 16,000.’ I thought ‘That’s so great!’. So I walked out to the end of the ramp and I went ‘New York you f***ing freaks!’.”

After finishing up that topic, Tyler explained how the pre-Election Day show idea came to be. And in true Aerosmith fashion, the idea came as a result from an argument between he and Joe Perry.

“All we wanted to do is give back. That was the original thing. Joe Perry and I got into a big argument [over the specifics]. At the end of the day we got the plaque and we played where we first came from.”

Listen to the entire 4-part interview with Steven Tyler and Carter Alan below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Andrew Celani, 100.7 WZLX/Boston

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