10 Creepy Real-Life Haunted Places In Massachusetts

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff) & Andrew Celani (@ACE_Worldwide)

They’re real, they’re haunted…And they’re in your backyard! Well, they could be close.

Massachusetts has plenty of Halloween history, and lots of supposedly haunted buildings to tell the story. Fake haunted houses with goblins & ghouls chasing you around are fun enough, but if you want to get a real thrill? Visit one of these places. If you dare.

Here’s ten of the most notable Massachusetts landmarks bugged by stories of the supernatural. Or so they say…

Just don’t visit these places after dark…unless you feel like a brave little hooligan…which we would not recommend.

Shelton Hall at Boston University

Shelton Hall at Boston University (CBS Radio Boston Web Staff) (CBS Radio Boston Web Staff)

The building was constructed in 1923 as one of the first Sheraton hotels, but was later purchased by BU in 1954 to become a residence hall. One year prior, Playwright Eugene O’Neill died in room 401, now it is said he haunts the floor. The elevator stops on the floor for no reason; students hear knocks on their door but nobody is there when they open. Temperatures on the floor can fluctuate wildly, but it doesn’t on other floors. The floor is currently reserved for Creative Writing majors.

Taunton State Hospital

Taunton State Hospital (Photo: Jack E. Boucher/Historic American Buildings Survey) (Photo: Jack E. Boucher/Historic American Buildings Survey)

Formerly known as the State Lunatic Hospital at Taunton, the Taunton State Hospital was abandoned in 1975. Rumored to be a Satanic Cult during the 1800s, staff members would allegedly take patients into the basement to conduct rituals, and even sacrifices. Many years later, staff members told stories that they would descend the stairs only to find something physically blocking them from reaching the bottom step…Only there was nothing there. There are allegedly still unexplained markings on the walls of the basement.

Quaker Cemetery in Leicester

Quaker Cemetery in Leicester (Photo: janhatesmarcia/Flickr) (Photo: janhatesmarcia/Flickr)

Quaker Cemetery, often referred to as Spider Gates Cemetery, has eight gates, each is said to be more haunted than the last. At the first gate, some hear whispers and see leaves flying around even when there is no wind. By the eighth gate, people allegedly feel people brush past them. Throughout the cemetery there are sightings of people walking aimlessly through the rows of graves, or even ghosts sitting on top of their grave markers. Think that’s just like any urban legend about a cemetery? Sounds like a dare…

Orleans Inn on Cape Cod

Orleans Inn (Photo: ToddC4176/Wikimedia Commons) (Photo: ToddC4176/Wikimedia Commons)

There is a story of the Inn receiving a call from a passing driver saying that a woman was dancing naked in her room on the 5th floor with the window open and was in full view from the street, only there were no guests on the 5th floor that night. Was the driver simply seeing things that aren’t there, or is there something more supernatural at work? It drew the attention of Ghost Hunters (a paranormal research show on the SyFy channel) a few years back. The name of the episode? Inn Of The Dead.

Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltham

Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltham (Photo: Crash575/Wikimedia Commons) (Photo: Crash575/Wikimedia Commons)

The Met is an abandoned mental institution in Waltham, famous for a cover-up involving the murder of a patient by a fellow patient. The spirit of the murdered patient is said to haunt the grounds and the adjacent cemetery, which has several unmarked graves. There is also a series of underground tunnels that run from building to building, where people have heard unusual voices and sounds echoing throughout. Closed in January of 1992, the only remaining building on campus is the one pictured above.

Joshua Ward House in Salem

Joshua Ward House in Salem (Photo: Swampyank/Wikimedia Commons) (Photo: Swampyank/Wikimedia Commons)

Associated with the Salem Witch Trials – of course! Sheriff George Corwin is supposedly buried in the cellar and haunts the house every night. Lights turn on and off on their own, doors open and close by themselves, and gusts of wind blow through the house even when no windows or doors are open.

Fort Revere in Hull

Fort Revere in Hull (Photo: John Phelan/Wikimedia Commons) (Photo: John Phelan/Wikimedia Commons)

There have long been reports of whispering and the sound of footsteps in this abandoned U.S. military fort that is now a local tourist attraction. Shadows pass under doorways as if people are walking past on the other side of the door, when there is actually no one there.

Danvers State Mental Hospital

Danvers State Mental Hospital (Photo: Xnatedawgx/Wikimedia Commons) (Photo: Xnatedawgx/Wikimedia Commons)

Also known as the State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers, the buildings (which have since been leveled) were abandoned with no electricity, but there were reports of lights turning on and off and candles appearing in open windows. The hospital was demolished and apartment complexes were set to be built, but a mysterious fire in 2007 burned down several of the under-construction buildings. The hospital is the subject of the supernatural horror movie Session 9. The only thing that remains of the asylum is the cemeteries.

Lincoln Mill in Scituate

Lincoln Mill in Scituate (Photo: treasuresthouhast/Flickr)

A girl who drowned in the pond next to the mill reportedly haunts the abandoned building, appearing bloodied in the windows and watching people as they pass by. Passersby have also heard screams for help both in the mill and by the pond, when seemingly no one was around. Having once served as an antique furniture store, the building has fallen apart in recent years.

Cutler Majestic Theatre at Emerson College

Cutler Majestic Theatre at Emerson College (Photo: takomabibelot/Flickr)
(Photo: takomabibelot/Flickr)

Built in 1903, the venue opened and closed its doors on numerous occasions before Emerson College purchased and restored it in the 1980s. There are supposedly spirits that live in the theater, but they are more mischievous than haunting. There are reports of spotlights moving with nobody touching them, seats in the balcony never collecting dust as if people are sitting in them regularly, even though the balcony is not open due to the narrow rows being deemed fire hazards.

Andrew Celani & Matt Dolloff — WZLX.com



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