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Rockin’ Halloween Costume Idea: Jimi Hendrix

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX
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There’s arguably no bigger icon in classic rock than Jimi Hendrix – and no costume that screams “ROCK N’ ROLL” more! Here’s everything you’ll need to be the best Jimi you can be at your Halloween party.

1. Guitar

ap080504026222 Rockin Halloween Costume Idea: Jimi Hendrix

(AP Photo/Linda McCartney)

Jimi is probably the greatest guitarist to ever pick up the instrument, so it would be MANDATORY to have one for your costume. An inflatable guitar would work just fine, especially if you plan on setting it on fire during the party (don’t do that).

2. Eye-popping clothing

ap6701010917 Rockin Halloween Costume Idea: Jimi Hendrix

(PRNewsFoto/Celebrity Vault)

Whatever the colors, Jimi almost always wore bell-bottomed pants and some kind of puffy shirt with all kinds of crazy frills on it, and sometimes with a sport jacket over that. He also often wears a feathered boa, if you really want to drive the point home. Shouldn’t have much trouble finding this clothing combo in a thrift store.

3. Afro hairstyle

ap9808060439 Rockin Halloween Costume Idea: Jimi Hendrix

(AP Photo)

An afro wig is super-easy to find, and mandatory if you want to dress like Jimi.

4. Headband

ap050202026915 Rockin Halloween Costume Idea: Jimi Hendrix

(AP Photo/File)

This would depend on the rest of your headwear, but if you have just the afro then a headband should be wrapped around it.

5. Hat

ap100110044201 Rockin Halloween Costume Idea: Jimi Hendrix

(AP Photo/EMP/Authentic Hendrix LLC, Graham Page)

If you don’t want to go the full-on afro route, you can get a hat almost identical to the ones Jimi used to wear on-stage. You’re in luck – there’s an actual Jimi Hendrix hat you can buy!

6. Jewelry

jimi hendrix black n white cropped Rockin Halloween Costume Idea: Jimi Hendrix

(AP Photo)

Jimi never had a shortage of rings on his fingers and bracelets on his wrists. Neither should you.

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