2012 WZLX Rock N’ Roll Debate: Frontman

Andrew Celani -- WZLX.com

Wednesday night kicked off the first of three televised debates with incumbent Barack Obama and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, but we here at WZLX have another debate in mind: Rock N’ Roll!

Who’s the best guitarist of all time? Who’s drumming skills reign supreme over their peers? That’s up for you to decide!

Best Rock N’ Roll Frontman

78641028 2012 WZLX Rock N Roll Debate: Frontman

(Coutausse/AFP/Getty Images)

Freddie Mercury

  • Reasons For: Considered by many to be one of the greatest rock n’ roll vocalists of all time, his charisma, stage presence, songwriting and vocal range made him the total package.
  • Reasons Against: Longevity, or lack thereof. Mercury (not that it was his fault) died prematurely of complications with the AIDS virus in 1991. Now some would say, “Lack of longevity? ’91 was 20 years after Queen got their start.” This is true, however many would agree that Mercury had only just begun to reach his creative potential, and that we never got to see the full scope of his genius.
ap photorusty kennedy 2012 WZLX Rock N Roll Debate: Frontman

(AP Photo: Rusty Kennedy)

Robert Plant

  • Reasons For: Plant’s pipes are simply unparalleled. End of story.
  • Reasons Against: Having a great voice and being a great frontman are two very different things, not that he wasn’t exceptional at either, but then again that’s for you to decide.
afpgetty images 2012 WZLX Rock N Roll Debate: Frontman

(AFP: Getty Images)

Mick Jagger

  • Reasons For: What makes the case for Mick Jagger as rock n’ roll’s premier frontman is a combination of cultural influence, legendary status and extraordinary longevity (2012 is the Stones’ 50th anniversary). Hard to vote against him for all those reasons.
  • Reasons Against: As much as Mick Jagger embodies nearly every single quality of an idyllic frontman, not even his superlatives could outshine bandmate & guitarist Keith Richards, who’s generated more memorable riffs than anyone else in rock n’ roll history.

Honorable Mentions: Bono, Steven Tyler, Jim Morrison, Ozzy Osbourne

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Andrew Celani — WZLX.com


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