Own A Piece Of Hair Metal History [VIDEO]

Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai is auctioning off a historic piece of gear he used to record Eat ‘Em And Smile with David Lee Roth back in 1986. The one-of-a-kind Marshall 100-watt JMP Plexi full stack was heavily modified by world renowned tech Lee Jackson.  Click below to see what the current bid is up to and to hear the legendary tone in all its ’80’s shred guitar glory!

Word is, Vai loved the amp and cabinet set up so much he took out on the road for the World Tour with Diamond Dave that year. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the gear will go to the “Make-a-Noise” fund, a non-profit which provides musical instruments to cultivate and preserve awareness, development, and education.

Both head and cabinets bear Steve’s signature, certification & are in perfect working order.  Current bid on eBay is $4,700 (USD)  According to the website, local pickup in Los Angeles is preferred. Unless you wanna shell out to have that beast shipped across the country.


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