Ouch! Headbanging Hurts…

Andrew Celani -- WZLX.com

Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine has spoken for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair a neck condition caused by years upon years of headbanging.

The neck and spine condition, known as stenosis, plagued Mustaine for awhile but he didn’t understand the severity of it until recently.

“I knew I was hurt, but I didn’t know how bad. Nobody knew the writing was on the wall. I pretty much thought, ‘Well, I’m hurt, but I’ll just take it easy, have a couple of glasses of wine. I’ll get through it, get a couple of trigger point injections, get an epidural.'”

He continued, “There were a couple of times they gave me a shot in my neck that numbed me up. I saw chiropractors and masseuses all the time. It inevitably gets to the point where you’re starting to take medication, and that’s never good because if you’re taking something you never feel the pain.”

It’s unlikely that Mustaine will ever headbang again or he could suffer the same fate as fellow “Big 4” friend, Tom Araya of Slayer. Araya has metal plates in his neck from headbanging for such a long period of time.

“I’m an athlete, as a guitar player and an onstage persona. I don’t think most musicians, when they start playing music, think that they’re going to be playing this demanding-type music that those of us who are part of the Big 4, and all the bands we influenced, created. That whole headbanging thing that came around – it’s hurt a lot of us. What is headbanging anyway? It’s kind of like chronic whiplash syndrome, isn’t it?”

Andrew Celani — WZLX.com


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