John Lennon’s Tooth Sold at Auction

I wish my tooth fairy paid this good when I was growing up! You’ll never guess how much John Lennon’s tooth sold for at auction…

The high-priced molar was expected to sell for $16,000 but ended up yielding nearly double that!

The tooth sold for an astonishing $31,200 at auction in England on Saturday.

John Lennon’s tooth was in the possession of the family of his former housekeeper, Dot Jarlett. Lennon gave Jarlett the tooth to dispose of it, but ultimately decided she should give it to her daughter, who was a huge Beatles fan.

The owner of the Omega Auction House said the tooth could not be DNA tested because it is too brittle. However, because it came from the Jarlett family, the authenticity is guaranteed.

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a tooth?


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