Top 10 Bob Seger Songs of All Time [VIDEOS]

7. We’ve Got Tonight

  • Angela Shea

    Ohhhh Bob Segar has to be one of my top five singers of all time! His voice is just like BUTTAH. I have never seen him in concert, but would absolutly love to get the chance… I have four kids, so you can imagine there is no way for me to buy tickets. But if you wanted to choose me as a winner for them. I would be on cloud nine. I haven’t been to a concert since RogerWaters in 2007. This would be a dream come true.

  • fireflys

    my best girlfriend and i have seen bob segar a few times at the boston gardens i grew up to his music drank to his music hung out around bomb fires to his music its really part of my life and always will be when i hear or play his music i think of my best girlfriend carol who passed away 1year ago and smile :> love you bob segar thanks for the memories rock on !

  • Debra Endicott

    BOB IS THE BEST OF THE BEST. There will NEVER be another as awesome as he was and still is today. WE love his music. His music has heart and soul sooooooooooo much feeling. His music has meaning and it makes you feel great. LOVE THE MAN.

    • http://facebook Debra Endicott

      Bob Seger is the man

      • shanna brooks

        you got that rite. my sons are 21 and youngest is 17 he is a muscian. they both know all his songs. my mom took my sis when she had cancer,best time of her life

  • http://YouTube Leslie Bowling

    I have and always will love Bob Seger!!!!~~~~~lov lov<3

  • chris fiske

    bob seger is a one of a kind love his music i always say words and music he really knows how to write songs with feelings and most of his songs im sure everyone can relate too thanks for all your beautifull words love you bob

  • chris fiske

    stood alone on a mountian top staring out at the great divide saw a young hawk flying and my soul begain to rise pretty soon i was singing (roll me away).another part of another song ,sometimes late at when im bathed in the fire light the moon comes calling a ghostly white and i recall (like a rock)

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