Alice Cooper Almost Killed Elvis

True Story! The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer revealed to a British Magazine when he first got to meet Elvis in 1971. He visited The Legend along with Liza Minnelli and porn star Linda Lovelace in Las Vegas. The King then handed Alice a loaded gun and told him to hold it to his (Presley’s) head. Click below for the rest of the gritty details.

Alice was a little confused to say the least. But he picked up the gun and actually considered pulling the trigger, thinking he could go down as “the guy who killed Elvis.” But before he knew it, Presley did a flying judo kick on the gun, sent it flying, tripped Alice and pinned him to the ground with his foot to the throat then said, “That’s how you stop a man with a gun.”…..that’s alright mama.


Here’s Alice at a show last December rocking a tune from his favorite band of all time.

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