60 Years Of The “Wilhelm Scream”

scream 60 Years Of The Wilhelm Scream

The “Wilhelm Scream” is a stock sound effect that was first used in 1951 in a movie called The Distant Drums, and then later resurrected by Star Wars. It’s been used in more than 80 films since. Trust me, if you’ve watched any action or sci-fi movie in the past 30 years, you’ve heard it.

(Cliff Clavin-level fact: The original Wilhelm screamer was Sheb Wooley, who also sang “Purple People Eater” and wrote the theme for “Hee Haw.”)

The dudes over at Cinexcellence recently put together a 12-minute video montage of all the scenes in which the Wilhelm Scream has appeared, and I strongly suggest you watch at least some of it, because it’s quite funny.

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