Second Helping Holiday Weekend ZLX

2ndhelping Second Helping Holiday Weekend ZLX

This holiday weekend is all about overindulgence! That’s why we’ve doubled up on Classic Rock. We’re serving nothing but TWO-FERS from your favorite artists.

ebhorn Second Helping Holiday Weekend ZLX

So good, you can’t have just one… on a Second Helping Holiday Weekend ZLX, sponsored by E.B. Horn Jewelers in Downtown Crossing!

And get 3 helpings of Alice’s Restaurant Thanskgiving Day on WZLX at 9am, Noon and 4pm!

  • Glenn

    Alices Restaurant – I missed the “where they are TODAY” at the end of teh 9 am play!!! Help… where are they TODAY?

  • monty

    a request for the class reunion 1975 natick high,skynard-gimme three steps and i know a little.see ya tonight

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