Steve Perry Wants Back in Journey

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Journey guitarist Neal Schon tells Britain’s Daily Star that there’s no place for Steve Perry in Journey.

[photogallerylink id=40690 align=right]The band members were reportedly shocked when Perry approached them to get back in the group.  Schon says, “He seems to be enjoying the spotlight a little too much. The face is he’s no longer the lead singer. He walked out.”

“Don’t Stop Believin'” is a top download on iTunes, thanks to being featured on the hit TV show Glee.  The band says Perry is just trying to jump back on the bandwagon.


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  1. Journeyfan says:

    Lets face it. They either tour with other has beens or they can do stadiums and rake in millions. Hmm lets see what would I choose? Cripes if Van Halen can do it?

    1. Frank Mills says:

      I gotta tell ya. I can’t buy into this crap about Neal not letting perry back into the band. Perry is the only reason Neal has the cash he has. He even admits this fact. There is only one Steve Perry. All others are trying to sound like him and falling short in my opinion.

      1. Steve says:

        I am not impressed with Steve Perry. About a month ago he was auctioning off a 15 minute phone call to talk with him to raise money for charity. The caller would pay big bucks and Steve would donate a whopping 15 minutes of his time. I would not buy a ticket to go hear him sing after hearing this add.

      2. Azure1 says:

        How many people remember what happened with RUSH Drummer Neil Peart in 1997 and 1998? He lost his daughter Selena in a single car accident and then his wife, Jacqueline to breast cancer in a span of 10 months. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson waited nearly 5 years before they reunited with Vapor Trails in May 2002 and they are still going strong. They’re new album Clockwork Angels June 12 2012 release and tour to follow. Mr. Schon YOU and Jonathan Cain are the reason Steve Perry left Journey and Steve Smith resigned right after that saying and i QUOTE, “Journey without Steve Perry was like Jack without his box.” Get over yourselves and do the right thing, 1. get rid of that Steve Perry wannabe and 2. Name your price for my ticket, cus i’d pay ALOT to see the Escape line-up. And Finally, While being interviewed during Journey’s Revelation tour of 2008, Schon and Cain praised Perry’s mighty presence in Journey, adding that Perry had “raised the bar” for Journey. Bassist Valory suggested Journey lead singers who sound like him do so in honor of Perry’s legacy with Journey. May i just say, What a Crock, you Morons are just kicking yourselves cus you Destroyed your Band with an Ultimatum.

  2. Stopped Believing says:

    The new guy is an impressive singer, but he is, after all, trying to be Steve Perry — the voice. If Journey went in a different direction sound-wise, I’d say, stick w/the new guy, it’s a new sound. But instead, they’re keeping all the old stuff and working with a Sounz-Alike.
    Check the records…no band ever returns to its former status with a replacement singer. “Van Hagar” came close but that’s the only one. Everything else failed or was just good fodder for a reality show.
    Bring Steve back!

  3. David says:

    Let him back in. Journey isn’t the same without Steve Perry. i saw them in concert in 1982. Great show. I won’t see them again until Perry is back with them.

  4. Liz says:

    Steve is an ORIGINAL, you should NEVER try to replace an original! (How many movie remakes are as good as the original?) Steve was vital to many of the songs written and performed (don’t toss aside that charisma, sex appeal or talent) that made the hits.

    Can Arnel write HITS? Arnel may be a nice guy, but he isn’t Journey’s look or sound (just a “fool’s gold” COPY of Steve) and worse -he looks like he’s about 18, hanging out with guys that are in their 60s – Puleeez!! This just doesn’t work. Somebody needs to put aside their PRIDE, while the entire group is still all alive and make the REAL Journey happen.

    1. Billy says:

      Perry is NOT an original member..he joined in 77 after they fired Robert Fleichman who was only with them a short time…prior to this keyboardist Gregg Rolie did the vocals!! the only original members left are Neal Schon and Ross Valory

      1. Aerorocker says:

        Liz did not say Steve Perry was an Original member.. she said he was an ORIGINAL which is correct, no-one is Steve, no-one sings like him and when he joined Journey and started writing songs with Neal, he wasn’t copying someone else’s style or sound. He IS an original and amazing…. why do you think Journey is finding copycat replacements??? To sound like the Original.

      2. MELINDA says:


  5. Aerorocker says:

    If Eddie Van Halen with his HUGE ego can put the past aside and tour with DLR then Neal and the boys can do the same. The ONLY way that Journey will ever be as popular as they were when they were selling out arenas and outdoor concerts is to let Steve Perry tour with them again. He was “the Voice” of Journey during their 1978-1983 years when they were considered to be one of the best groups around. They don’t even have to write a new album or make Steve Perry part of the band again. Just tell Arnel Pineda that they HAVE to do this for the Fans that stuck with them since 1977. We have seen too many ‘replacements’ for Steve, it’s time to sell out Arenas and Stadiums in what would literally be the biggest reunion tour since the Eagles or the original KISS lineup. Stop being so selfish and take one for the team, the real Journey fans want this to happen !!
    Oh , and by the way Stopped Believing….AC/DC not only returned to its former status but probably surpassed the success it had with a new singer, Brian Johnson. You said everything else failed.

  6. Joe Rebelo says:

    Steve Perry Please Come back ,pretty please You belong to Journey ,you are Journey Come Back and tour with Journey

  7. Perry Who says:

    Lets face it he walked out. Steve Perry – you left the band, sorry. Just collect your checks.Arnel Pineda is as good if not better than Perry!! Steve Perry just wants to relive the glory days that he walked away from Too bad!!

    1. SteelersJourney says:

      What ? Are You On Drugs Dude ? Arnel Pineda ,Jeff Scott Soto ,And Steve Augeri Combind Aren’t As Good As Steve Perry .Oh And Another Thing They Fired Him Because They Were Tired Of Waiting For Him To Get His Surgery Done .He Didn’t Walk Out ,Learn To Read !!

  8. Foreverfan says:

    Steve Perry did not walk out on Journey, he was forced to make a decision he was not ready to make. He was not only taking time to decide if he should have hip surgery, but also taking time to sort out personal issues. Some of you Perry haters need to get a life and look at your own personal issues instead of attempting to belittle someone who happens to be as human just as yourself The difference in him and those who hate him? Steve actually has class, You Haters often spend time digging in everyone else’s business as your own business escapes you. Some day you may wake up to find missed opportunities as you were too busy minding what you thought was your business when in fact you were only believing in lies. Face it Perry haters, Your opinion does not change the fact that millions of people wish only the best for Steve Perry and are keeping up with the facts instead of judging him by every old rumor that is once again, thrown into circulation in an attempt to discourage his future efforts. Grow up people! This is an old rumor that never got legs the first time around and Steve’s true fans will continue to stand by him respecting his good name. Fact is, it’s just a rumor, so try as you might, true Steve Perry fans Don’t Stop Believing in him. Good luck with your gossip club children, And I do hope you get a life of your own someday!

    1. David says:

      Let’s face it. This is only a rumor. Steve is enjoying his retirement and has no intention of returning to Journey. It’s a sad thing but that’s what he wants to do. It’s his choice and we need to respect him for that. Let’s stop this rumor now before it gets more out of hand.

      1. Geno says:

        For those who find this page via search engines, click on the Journey tag to see the update to this story.

      2. SteelersJourney says:

        I Like To See Make His Own CD First And See How That Goes .If Only History Can Repeat Itself Just One More Time .Both Times Steve Perry Made A Solo CD 2 Years Later He Was Back In Journey .Will There Be A Hat Trick ? Your Guess Is As Good As Mine .I Guess All You Can Really Do These Days Is Don’t Stop Believin’ !!

      3. David says:

        Noo…sorry David(same as me! Perry DID ask to re-join Journey when they were touring Britain.Neal Schon said that ‘There is no place in Journey,for Steve Perry.”..sad but true,it’s on the internet.

      4. linda says:

        Hmmm..I thought Neal Schon was too busy cheating on his fifth wife and sending a photo of junk to his current mistress on facebook! He is the same guy who dated a 15 year old girl while in his 40’s, no? Now I understand why Steve Perry has nothing to do with this guy..MAJOR A–HOLE! His loyalty is to himself only…let’s be clear on that…

    2. SteelersJourney says:

      I Love Everything You Said Partner .The Facts Don’t Lie With Steve Perry Journey Had 18 Top 40 Hits And With A Better Producer Like Bob Rock They Might Of Had Many More ,With Out Him Before Or After Journey 0 Hits ,That’s Not A Misprint Either !!

  9. shelley says:

    Neil Schon needs to get over HIMSELF!!!!

  10. psr says:

    Tabloids will say anything in attempt to get a rise from it’s readers.
    If the rumor were even remotely true, Journey would have to be insane to ignore the dollar signs in that reunion. Silly Wabbits! Don’t ya know, twicks are for kidding? Hey people, I heard Steve Perry was really just a figment of our imaginations. Never existed in fact! Isn’t it strange how many people dream had that same dream??? Even stranger are the old ticket stubs I saved from 86 when I paid to see him live in concert…Was it really just a dream? Say it isn’t so!

  11. ARTHUR says:


  12. matteroffact says:

    If you’d like to hear truth instead of rumors, just give a listen to Some of Steve’s LIVE radio interviews this year instead of recirculating old rumors. It’s much more reliable when you hear it straight from Steve himself! He has not set any release dates as of yet, he stated in a November interview that he is currently recording…

  13. Deb says:

    Neal, put your big boy pants on and welcome back THE VOICE you tried to reinvent sooo many times. Sound alike is not the same as THE ONE AND ONLY . I skipped my DREAM concert , REO,JOURNEY, STYX, simply because No Steve Perry means it’s not Journey.(Taking nothing away from the rest of the band, but the Lead singer “drives the bus”.) If the fans matter, then you have no choice but to be the bigger man and say”Yeah, come on home. We have some catching up to do.”

    1. Patty says:

      OMG Deb you couldn’t of said it more perfectly…Journey will be here tomorrow in my state and I wouldn’t go see them without Steve Perry I have seen Journey 3 times with Steve, and he is “The Voice” of Journey!

  14. Bo says:

    There’s always 2 sides of the story and depending who you talked to the answers vary. Fact is there NEVER will be anyone come even close to replacing the true Steve Perry and/or his voice! Journey will never be Journey without Perry. I realize it’s hard to keep a band together but seperating is always the easy way out. Challange yourselves and put the band back together (the real Journey that is). Work out a plan that makes everyone close to happy and conquer the world with THE JOURNEY rock again, the best 70’s/80’s rock band there was. We’re all getting older and smarter and you don’t want to have any regrets getting old…think about it Schoen!

  15. diane pletcher says:


  16. Cari says:

    If you want Journey back on top, Bring back Steve Perry. Band was never the same without him!

  17. Jeff says:

    Did anyone actually watch Steve on Behind The Music Journey? Great voice but he has and always had Lead Singers Disease,LSD applies to Singers who think they are everything and discount their bandmates and their contributions.Clearly John Cain and Neil Schon are just as important and are mostly writing the songs and they have many albums with out Steve that sound like Journey right? He used to be great, but unless he has been singing alot he won’t be as good as you might think. Being a top vocalist is no different than being a top athlete, you have to stay in shape and on top of your game. Use it or lose it apply to everyone, even Steve Perry.

  18. tRACY says:

    OMG, no contest….Steve Perry IS JOURNEY. You cannot replace him. Journey is not Journey without him. He is my dream! Just a beautiful guy with amazing, not replacable talent! I love you Steve! Hugs from Tracy in Arizona!

    1. Terje Ottesen says:

      Perfect said !!!!!

  19. Freddie C says:

    Steve Perry was and still is the voice of JOURNEY. Arnel is good but remember, he is singing the same songs that Steve Perry made famous and when most people mention the name JOURNEY they automatically think of and remember Steve Perry. So I say bring Steve Perry back and lets get back to making music….YOUR FANS ARE WAITING FOR THE REUNION!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Julie Rogers says:

    what? he will just dissapoint them again. he has walked out on them 3 times now…why let him back in when he will do an album then not tour! dont get me wrong…i love steve perry being in the band…but the dissapointment of him walking out all the time is too much!

  21. Joanne samarati says:

    Steve Perry is surely missed and is the most amazing vocalists I have ever heard. Journey was never the same without him. I miss hearing his voice. No one can touch your inner self more that Steve can. What magic he brings!

    Joanne from new jersey

  22. chuck34984 says:

    Imitated but not duplicated … all else has been said…

  23. Bonita says:

    I wont even go to any Jouney concert w/o him back and I know alot of people who feels the same. Their ticket sale will triple if they let him back!!!!!!!

    1. MELINDA says:


  24. Joeblo says:

    Sure, Steve Parry has a great voice, but the guys a total jerk.

  25. LiChenBlu says:

    The majority of replies have clearly stated, “Steve Perry was THE VOICE of Journey”. Please note the frequent use of the past tense of “is”.
    I was never a big Journey fan, but I loved their songs, especially with Mr. Perry in front; however, time changes things…including vocal ability. Mr. Perry, regardless of how perfection embraced his vocals decades ago, is no exception.
    Listening to Arnel Pineda and Steve Perry (the current Steve Perry) side by side, my untrained ear easily detects the strain in Mr. Perry’s voice as he struggles for the beautiful, clean and crisp notes he was once known for hitting. On the other hand, Mr. Pineda is young. His voice is still being trained. His cords are still conditioning and yet he is hitting those crisp high notes that Mr. Perry can no longer find without a struggle. Don’t misunderstand, Mr. Perry still has a unique and beautiful voice, in the middle ranges he remains perfection.
    But as is true for all things (and people): He ain’t what he use to be.

    1. Ariella says:

      Sorry, I disagree. Even if Perry doesn’t sing like he used to, he’s still sounds more like HIM than anyone else does!! Also, in general, I can’t believe that Perry is being accused of ‘leaving’ the band? If both or one of the stories are true, that he had to take care of his sick mother or that he had hip surgery, does that mean that he left? He’s being punished for being ethical and moral or being sick? That’s beyond ridiculous. How ironic that the band isn’t really faithful after all!!

  26. tiger27 says:

    Steve Perry was the best singer in Journey! Arnel Pineda is no good. They fired Journey because they wouldn’t let Perry’s hip condition heal before going on tour again. Same thing happened with Dennis DeYoung of Styx. Tommy Shaw and JY wouldn’t let his eye sensitivity problem resolve before going on tour again. Patience guys! Neal Schon, Tommy Shaw, and JY are the biggest jerks when it comes to classic rock guitarists. I mean, Van Halen have allowed David Lee Roth to come back and same thing with The Cars allowing Ric Ocasek to come back. Why can’t Styx and Journey allow their singers back in?

  27. Jules says:

    These guys had something great and egos ruined it. Neal, baby, you aren’t getting any younger. Let me give you some advice, you put Perry back as frontman and you will be able to name your ticket prices. If you ever want a shot at the big time again, you have to bring Steve Perry back. I went to a couple of their concerts, one at Notre Dame (in the 80’s obviously),they were magical! So, if there is any truth to the rumor of Steve wanting to come back…what the hell are you waiting for??

  28. seastar says:

    Journey wrote the sound track to my youth. I have had a love affair with Steve Perry’s voice since I was 10 years old, but I think he made a bad decision, and as a diehard fan I was pissed when he walked away. And I mean really why??? To put out crap like Oh Sherry?? Seriously….Steve Perry WAS Journey and I think he has realized exactly what he gave up. However, As well as the “new” Journey appears to be doing, the real money lies in bringing Steve back. Letting it go for the sake of the fans is a thought as well… just sayin’. I am sure it will never happen, but a girl can dream.

  29. NanseAmalia says:

    Went to a Journey concert at the Hollywood Bowl last Tueday night. I was disapppointed —and so were many others. People were getting up to go to the bathroom at the end of every song because the 7 – 9 minute long guitar solos were just too much —not to mention they had plenty of time to get back. And when I heard people making comments about leaving early to beat the traffic –I knew how I was feeling was mutual among others. Their latest lead singer –a Perry wan’na be, was not too bad. My biggest complaint is that he starts his notes too soon and at the end holds them too long. Yeah, he has a good Perry sound alike voice, but he’s trying to incorporate his own sound. And what’s up with him leaving the stage every 3rd song for several minutes at a time? He could also use a few pointers on working the crowd. It just didn’t work for me. Another thing, I was soooooo disappointed they didn’t play more of the good old songs. I didn’t recognize 1/2 of what they played. People go to hear Journey, or any of those bands of that era, for the great music that brings back time in memories –the oldies. Journey seriously needs to get Perry back on board –and Neal’s id-ego over guitar solos is out of control. Really Neal, after every song you need to shine? We know you can play the guitar. FOREIGNER ROCKED the house. They just get better and better.

  30. Las Vegan says:

    There is no Journey without Steve Perry… just a MIMMIC playing the part of Steve Perry.
    I would NEVER pay to go see someone IMPERSONATE STEVE PERRY.

  31. Las Vegan says:

    STEVE PERRY should do like so many have done, go start his own JOURNEY and THAT WOULD BE THE REAL JOURNEY, the other one would be the JOURNEY WITH THE IMPOSTER IMPRESSIONIST!

  32. Jay Money says:

    It’s funny that Neal and Jon always say Steve walked out. I know he told them that he was done with them. But that’s after they screwed him over and started looking for singers while he was still figuring out what to do with the surgery. He still has a place with the band. He was the voice. I like Arnel alot. Trust me. But he’s no Steve Perry. SP is the man. No other Journey singer will ever reach what he’s done or his ability. I’d rather see Steve on stage any way. I just wish Neal would quit with this crap he keeps saying about steve leaving and state the truth. And just suck it up and do a reunion.

    1. wirelesss4me says:

      I agree, get over it already, see the bigger picture and put aside your petty male ego.

  33. paulita perry says:

    Jounery was here buffalo n.y. but steve perry was not so i didnt go .steve perry is the song of jounery.

  34. MaryJean says:

    The Journey band I believe wouldn’t have made it as far as it has without Steve. Think about it why have they continued to find someone that sings like him. Steve Perry is the voice of Journey.

  35. Jerry says:

    I can understand the other Journey members not wanting Perry back in the band. Perry was a great singer but he was also a big headed egotistical ass. Remeber he kicked Steve Smith and Ross Valory out of the band back in the 80’s for no real good reason. Ross Valory ended up in bankruptcy and lost his house because of this. I could see Ross never wanting anything to do with Perry again. Ross is a superb bass player and Steve Smith is one of the best drummers on the planet. Did Perry really think he could get better musicians than these guys. The Raised On Radio album done without them was pretty mediocre as a Journey album and to me does not really have the true Journey sound. It did produce some pop hits but it was not a great Journey album. Perry is a male diva and is not an easy guy to work with. That is why is probaby will never be the singer of Journey again.

    1. carolgale says:

      If Steve Perry really wanted to rejoin Journey,They would get rid of Arnel so fast! But the truth Steve Perry will not accept Neal Schons attempts of him singing on stage ..I could not see Steve Perry joining Arnel on stage ,what an insult to Perry by even suggesting that. Steve Perry has not asked to join Journey he has stated that so many times.Why should he ?? Look Steve Perry fought to make Journey the band that they now want to hear on Itunes and the greatest hit 2..but he is not perfect none of us are. But the fact remains that Journey is not Journey.. without Steve Perry ,He made Journey.I refuse to see the now tribute band that it has become..I will go see Steve Perry if he ever performs again..I would go see Journey if Perry was to rejoin them ,I really don’t see that happening ,unless a miracle happens and they all let by gones be by gones.

    2. Rosey says:

      Steve Perry did not kick the drummer out, the drummer Steve Smith left on his own when Steve Perry left, he was NOT fired, his mother was dying and his long time girlfriend Sherry left him so try getting over someone you love die and also have a broken heart from some one that you love girlfriend, he also had a hip injury which is very painful that required surgery and a long time to recover, so you want to talk about assholes, there would NEVER be a Journey if Steve Perry sang frontman for the band because they were struggling before Steve and now the new guy is o.k. he is not no Steve Perry trys to be but not happening, yes he’s humble but without Steve Perry to me there’s no Journey so before you bad mouth the guy Steve Perry get your facts straight he left the band personal matters…..

  36. Steve Perry IS Journey —no Karioke ( spelling ? ) singer –sound a like is gonna get MY money ! Sorry , but Journey Died when Steve Perry left . Would the Beatles go on without John Lennon ? Don’t laugh—they have been asking Paul for Years ( even before George died ) I would LOVE it if Steve Would come back—-Can you Imagine the mad rush for tickets ????

  37. wirelesss4me says:

    I can’t believe Steve Perry wants back in and neil Schon has to be an a-hole about it. They were huge with Steve, and this new guy is good, but he will never be Steve Perry. Replacing a guitarist is much easier than replacing a legendary voice, maybe Neil should not throw stones when one reside in a glass house.

  38. Minnie says:

    This is a hoax, Steve Perry has never wanted back in, he has stated it over and over, and I feel it’s better that way. It’s an insult to even think he would join the current singer on stage. Weather he left the band or they left him we will never know, maybe it was a combination of both. So what if he was a perfectionist and a control freak, the band was nothing before or after him, so he had every right to be damanding. And don’t think for one minute that Neal and Jon don’t have egos the size of Steve’s, it’s amazing they could all fit on the stage together. Sure time has changed his instrument, he is not the same high tenor he was 30 years ago, but he still has an amazing voice with incredible power.

    1. amie says:

      Agreed. He never wanted back on, not ever. When they fot their star on hollwood walk of fame, he didnt want go to that either. He likes his non band life, and neal is a butt.

  39. William Beede says:

    Steve Perry made Journey the band they are today his voice took them to the top, and though Arnel is an excellant singer and has really brought them back after all these years he will never be the reason for Journeys climb to fame. I am a huge fan of all the members Schon and Cain are as powerful as any team could be, but I would pay anything to see the origanal lineup get back together just one more time.

  40. joe m says:

    Steve Perry at least had a reason to have an ego. His voice is a timeless piece of gold. Neal Schon is an overplaying asshole on guitar that had to be controlled in the studio. He has no reason to have an ego.

  41. Steve Perry made Journey. I have always been a fan. At 18 yrs old, I had a huge collage of Steve Perry photos all over my walls! 🙂 I love him still and always will. I hope to hear him sing again!

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