Adam Sandler & Kevin James Did A Ridiculous Version Of “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines”


    The second most putrid moment in sports: Adam Sandler and Kevin James’ command, “Gentlemen, start your engines” at Michigan Speedway, June 13, 2010… an embarrassingly infantile exhibition!

    The No. 1 most putrid moment in sports (the winner, and still champion): Roseanne Barr’s screeching of the National Anthem, San Diego Padres’ Stadium, July 26, 1990… solidifying her utter contempt for America!

    Hey, TV sports producers– I can understand your zeal in trying to come up with something original, but let’s try to be careful and not cross over that thin line between innovative and repulsive, huh?

    I’ve got an idea: Maybe next you could have Adam Sandler and Roseanne cover each other with pig excrement while they dance to a hip-hop tune.
    Now, that’s original!!

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